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Visit some of the fantastic sites in Herefordshire off the border of Wales

Here are some of the sites we recommend visiting during your time at the Riverside of Aymestrey.

Ludlow Castle

Fine medieval ruins

Built by Walter de Lacy, a member of William the Conqueror’s retinue in 1066, Ludlow Castle is an impressive display for medieval design and ingenuity.

Now owned by the crown, Ludlow Castle has a proud history throughout the ages.

Croft Ambrey Hillfort, Castle & Parkland

Explore ancient trees and spectacular ramparts

Situated on the English-Welsh border, Croft is a quiet, ancient place steeped in British history and politics with a picturesque castle and medieval parkland re-fashioned during the 18th century.

Surrounded by 1,500 acres of woods, park and farmland, Croft became home to a resilient and prominent family, beginning with Bernard de Croft in the 11th century. Later, Sir Richard Croft fought in the Wars of the Roses while Sir James Croft was rewarded with the high office for his loyalty to Elizabeth I.

Situated around 15 minutes from the Riverside, the Hillfort offers spectacular views and a great day out.

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